The UNI men's basketball team was set to take on No. 18 Virginia tonight in Charlottesville, VA. After a shooting took place last night on the University's campus, the game has been canceled.

As was shared with me, everyone on the Northern Iowa men's basketball roster and staff is safe, and no one affiliated with the team was hurt or injured.

The shooting took place last night at 10:30 PM ET in a parking garage near the school's drama building. Students were on a bus that was returning from seeing a play that was associated with the class.

Three students were shot and killed during the incident, all three of which were members of Virginia's football team. They were identified as "D’Sean Perry, a junior from Miami; Devin Chandler, a second-year student from Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Lavel Davis Jr., a third-year student from South Carolina," according to NBCNews.

Two other individuals were shot. The identities of those two people have not been shared with the public, though one student is in good condition while the other is in critical condition.

A former student-athlete and football player is the suspected shooter. He has been taken into custody.

UVA president Jim Ryan released the following message on Twitter:

A shelter-in-place order was sent throughout UVA's campus after the shooting, and it was ultimately lifted 12 hours later, about 10:33 AM ET this morning.

The UNI men's basketball team will play its next game Monday, Nov. 21 against the University of San Francisco in the NABC Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City.

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