A new Wallethub.com analysis ranks one Eastern Iowa city as a 'best-run' in the entire country. I'm not too happy about it.

I really don't understand what it takes to run a municipality. I really don't know what it takes to run a radio station, or even write an article for a website. But, here I am, so what the heck, why not toss my tiny bit of judgmental opinions out there and see how wonderful the response is. Believe me, I know what we're doing here and crazy fact-finders and number pushers will be critiquing my B.S. and acting like it matters, even though I just discredited myself from having any factual info in this article already.

Obviously information was analyzed that didn't include 'Rate the Stink' or 'The Uppity Factor'. If those were included, Stinkytown wouldn't even show on the radar. Why do I think this? First hand experience and the fact that I can't recall another city in Iowa whining and complaining as much as the leaders in Cedar Rapids do. I'm reminded of the sulking that took place when they were denied a casino. Stick to your cereal and ever changing stink, and let the casino bid go. Do something unique, like spend way too much money on sports complex that will be neglected and useless.

Anyway, Cedar Rapids is NOT even close to being the best run city in Iowa and from what I've experienced, if it rains too hard there, the city leaders would drown. That means they have their noses in the air.

Here are the real facts, not my mumbo jumbo bullcrap:

WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017’s Best- & Worst-Run Cities in America.

To determine the effectiveness of local leadership, WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities based on their operating efficiency. For each city, the analysts constructed a “Quality of City Services” score – comprising 33 key performance indicators grouped into six service categories – that was then measured against the city’s total per-capita budget.

Top 20 Best-Run Cities in America:

  1. Nampa, ID
  2. Provo, UT
  3. Boise, ID
  4. Missoula, MT
  5. Lexington, KY
  6. Las Cruces, NM
  7. Billings, MT
  8. Bismarck, ND
  9. Fort Wayne, IN
  10. Louisville, KY
  11. Durham, NC
  12. Fargo, ND
  13. Sioux Falls, SD
  14. Raleigh, NC
  15. Huntington Beach, CA
  16. Nashua, NH
  17. Virginia Beach, VA
  18. Lincoln, NE
  19. Cedar Rapids, IA
  20. Aurora, IL

Best vs. Worst:

  • Casper, Wyoming, has the lowest long-term debt outstanding per capita, $331, which is 63.1 times lower than in Washington, the city with the highest at $20,892.
  • Fort Worth, Texas, has the highest high school graduation rate, 94.2 percent, which is 1.6 times higher than in Toledo, Ohio, the city with the lowest at 60.0 percent.
  • Warwick, Rhode Island, has the fewest violent crimes (per 1,000 residents), 0.81, which is 22.4 times fewer than in St. Louis, the city with the most at 18.17.
  • Fargo, North Dakota, has the lowest unemployment rate, 2.2 percent, which is five times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 10.9 percent.
  • Chesapeake, Virginia, has the highest average annual household income (adjusted for cost of living), $70,235, which is three times higher than in Gary, Indiana, the city with the lowest at $23,646.
  • Fremont, California, has the lowest share of the population living below the poverty level, 6.1 percent, which is 6.8 times lower than in Flint, Michigan, the city with the highest at 41.2 percent.
  • Tallahassee, Florida, has the lowest share of pavements in poor condition, 2 percent, which is 36 times lower than in San Francisco, Fremont, and Oakland, California, the cities with the highest at 71 percent.

Factual Source: Wallethub

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