We've (I've) written about legalizing the use of recreational marijuana quite a bit in the Hawkeye State. Most recently, we discussed the fact that Iowa State Senator Janet Petersen said this of legalizing the drug, according to Marijuana Moment:

Iowa’s outdated, old-school drug policies are failing Iowans in rural parts of the state and urban areas as well. It’s time to move forward with better drug policies that uplift Iowans instead of criminalizing them. ... Let’s give Iowans the freedom to vote on this issue. I encourage Iowans to contact their legislators in the coming days to urge them to push for the debate and passage of this Constitutional Amendment in the upcoming session.

And now, Cannabis in Common, a site that says it "brings supporters of cannabis legalization together under a unified campaign with a simple goal: remind our elected officials that cannabis legalization is incredibly popular with their constituents," makes connecting to our senators much easier. The site offers a tab where anyone who wants to speak up by sending an email or calling their respective senators can do so incredibly quickly.

"We make contacting your elected officials easier than ordering a pizza," says the site. An analogy that is quite easy for most stoners to follow, depending on their level of stonedness of course.

For Iowans, Chuck Grassley or Joni Ernst's information is readily available, and contact can be made with them and their offices in a matter of minutes (or maybe even seconds). All you have to do is fill out your information, send their already curated email (or draft your own) or give them a call, and hit send.

Not only does the webpage pull up Grassley and Ernst's stances on the use of weed for recreational purposes, but it also cites where the information was found and states that 54% of Iowans want to legalize the use of cannabis.

The already-written email says the following:

I am a cannabis voter and one of your constituents.

69% of Americans believe cannabis should be legalized for adult-use, and 91% of Americans believe it should be legalized for medical purposes. We may be divided on a lot of issues, but one thing is clear: the American people have cannabis in common.

What are you doing to end the prohibition of cannabis at the federal level?

I look forward to your response.

I may have added in a few words myself about stopping the ridiculous 'weed is bad' sentiment and focusing on the fact that this is clearly a bipartisan issue and most people just simply don't care if smoking pot becomes legal.

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