In a bet made on a conference call between two cities named 'Altoona' in different states, Altoona Pennsylvania's City Council wagered a box of Mallo Cups against some Iowa Steaks with the City Council of Altoona, Iowa. The cities are separated by over 850 miles of highway on what would be an over 13-hour drive.

After then-#3 Iowa defeated then-#4 Penn State ---  it appears some 'milk chocolate cups with a whipped creamy center and a sprinkle of coconut' are heading to Iowa. The sugary confections were invented in 1936 in Altoona, PA, by the Boyer Brothers.

If the Nittany Lions had upset the Hawkeyes, the Altoona, IA, city council would send some steaks from The Big Steer Restaurant.

Altoona, Pennsylvania, is located about 45 miles from the Penn State campus in State College.

Altoona, Iowa, (in the heart of Iowa State Cyclones country) is about 100 miles from the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City.

Altoona, Iowa, has nearly 20,000 residents while Altoona, Pennsylvania, has a population of over 54,000.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There are a total of nine cities in the United States with the name of Altoona. Besides Iowa and Pennsylvania, there are also Altoona's in Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Louisiana, and Washington.

There is also an Altoona in South Africa.

Hopefully, if this bet continues every football season, the city council of Altoona, Iowa, gets very tired of eating Mallo Cups year after year. :)



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