Cute baby animal alert! Proceed with caution. You maybe want to become a goat parent after seeing this adorable blind baby named Petal. I have a fiance who always threatens she's going to bring home more animals than we need, so in this one instance I hope she doesn't see this story.

Petal has been stealing the hearts of people all over Edgerton, Wisconsin. She's a 2-week old baby goat with plenty of energy like most other goats her age. There is something that makes Petal a little more unique than most other goats. It's not like she has eyes and they don't work, she was straight up born without them.


Crystal Brown is the owner of Petal and she was a little bit confused when she was firstborn. She told NBC15

“When she was born, I just thought she wasn’t opening her eyes yet. After her siblings were born, we were kind of wondering if she had eyes and kind of realized that she didn’t.”

Brown also said Petal has become a bit of a celebrity in Edgerton, Wisconsin

“People just think she’s super adorable and everyone loves her.”

It's a good thing Petal has Crystal and Crystal's teenage daughter Lily because when Petal was born, her mom actually rejected her. They decided to bottle feed her and were determined to help her survive. It has taken Petal a little bit to get used to walking around, as she has her occasional accident and runs into things.

Lily told NBC15

“Sometimes she runs into stuff but she just bounces back. Petal is always ready for adventure. At first, she was definitely closed off. She didn’t want to be touched. She wanted to stay and lay down but she has definitely gotten a bigger personality as she has grown a little bit.”

Petal has become so popular local businesses in Edgerton have reached out about a possible meet and greet according to NBC15. While that's not safe for Petal now, maybe down the future.

You can follow along with Petal and her growth on Facebook. She has her own Facebook page called Petal the Blind Goat. There are all kinds of fun videos and pictures of Petal just living her best life.

I wasn't kidding when I said I hope my fiance doesn't catch news of this cute baby goat. Before moving to Iowa she always talked about wanting goats at the house. Thankfully I've fought off those requests for the past 3 years but after seeing how adorable Petal is...I might be in trouble.

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