Last Friday, was a sad day for BK lovers! Two Burger King buildings met their fate at the same time. While one excavator was punching holes in the Burger King on the corner of La Porte Road and San Marnan another one knocking down the former Burger King restaurant at the Tower Park location, on the corner of Kimball Avenue and San Marnan.

Scroll down for photos of both demolition projects

As we reported in July of 2020, citing many reasons other than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the franchise owner of the Tower Park location of Burger King was closed. Much needed restaurant upgrades, road construction, and more competition were also mentioned as the main reasons for the closure.

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The former "BK Castle" is being leveled to make room for a new Veridian Credit Union location. The smaller branch located just down the road on San Marnan will move into a bigger and more easily accessible building on the corner.

Once again, a special thanks to David Marvitz Photography for use of his photos.

A 2nd Burger King in Waterloo Bites the Dust [Photos Gallery]

See photos as the Burger King Tower Park location on the corner of Kimball Avenue and La Porte Road is demolished. (Friday, August 27, 2021)

*Originally published August 26, 2021

If you missed our "whopper" of a news story from a few weeks ago that the Burger King in Waterloo was closing, you just might be banished from the Cedar Valley by the "King". Click here to see some of the last photos before it met the mighty arm of a mean excavator.

Restaurants closing and rebuilding in Waterloo seems to be developing into a trend in the Cedar Valley, especially in the Crossroads Mall area.

Keep scrolling to see photos of the Burger King being demolished

In mid-July, we reported that the Taco Bell in Waterloo was demolished and they've started construction of a new building at the same location. Now, just across the street, Burger King has decided to take the same route. Much like the Taco Bell building, the Burger King building located at 1925 La Porte Road was old and in need of repair. Management with the popular fast food restaurant confirmed that the building is approximately 30 years old and it was just time for a complete rebuild and remodel.

The "King" will have a new castle soon

Fans of the 2nd largest hamburger chain in the United States will be able to enjoy BK's flame-broiled hamburgers, onion rings, and french fries again by Thanksgiving. That's the target date for the completion of the building.

In the meantime, Whopper fans can get their fix at one of several Burger King locations in the area.

It's hard not to think that these two fast-food restaurants tearing down and building new has something to do with the new amusement park that will be opening next summer just minutes away from the corner of San Marnan Drive and La Porte Road. However, Burger King management says, "no, it's just a happy coincidence".

Scroll down to see the excavator taking bites out of the old BK castle

A special thanks to David Marvitz Photography for use of his photos.

Demolition of the Waterloo Burger King [Photos]

Demolition of the Burger King restaurant on La Porte Road started on August 25, 2021.

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