Slang. It's our daily jargon. We say certain phrases and sayings to convey how we're feeling or to describe a situation. Well, what if I told you that you've been using some of the most popular phrases wrong. Not only that, you've been saying them wrong your entire life! So strap in, cause I'm about to rock your world.

1). Spitting Image vs. Spit and Image- Believe it or not its 'Spit and Image', but it's been used so much, that the phrase 'Spitting Image' developed. Crazy to think we've been saying this wrong.

2). Shoe-In vs. Shoo In- It's actually Shoo-In, but most people believe it to be Shoe-In, sounds the same, but spelled differently.

3). Butt Naked vs. Buck Naked- Butt naked makes more sense, but it's actually Buck Naked. Odd, but correct.

4). Hunger Pains vs. Hunger Pangs- This one I find hard to believe. However, Pangs is the medical term to describe pain felt by hunger. So even though you feel Hunger Pain, it's actually Hunger Pangs.

5). Hone-In vs. Home-In- Both are correct, but for different things. You Hone-In on a skill, whereas, you home-in on a target.

(BONUS) In Regards To vs. With Regard To- This is one that I threw in for fun. The correct phrase is With Regard To not In regards to. 

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