As you all know, I am a HUGE foodie! I love trying new things and just constantly eating (I mean, I do have a snack drawer in my desk). So, when I go to new places I like to try all the local food there to get a sense of the culture of the area... which is what happened when I went to Nashville last week!

See, I am not a huge fan of being called a tourist and eating at all the "touristy" restaurants where it is basically all processed to have the same taste across the state. I love down home cooking at what I call "hole-in-the-wall" places. You know, those places that don't look like much from the outside but have the BEST food. So, I found out that the best meals I had while in Nashville where these types of places... but this made me realize something, I feel like I haven't discovered these places in Iowa yet! So, I asked you all this question...

And the results are in! Here are the 5 "hole-in-the-wall" restaurants that you have to visit while in Iowa! I feel a foodie trip coming on... who's with me?

1. Boyd's Bar in Fairbank, Iowa

Looks like Boyd's took the win on this one with the amount of comments and likes I got about this restaurant. I am all for taking a little road trip for some good food, especially when people have reviewed this place for having the "best" cheese curds in Iowa... I will come judge that for you all!

2. Morris Inn Steakhouse in Morrison Iowa

If there is steak involved, I will be the first one in the restaurant and the last one to leave! That is if you can get me to leave.

3. Rodney's Kitchen in Waterloo, Iowa

Always love seeing some local places pop up and I can vouch for this place! Some great home-cooked food and great people too!

4. Morg's Diner in Waterloo, Iowa

Another local stop! Stepping back into that classic 1950's diner feel, Morg's has the tastiest food to back this up!

5. That Place in Conrad, Iowa

According to this guy, I know what days I am going and thankfully to get a reservation. If they are that busy, it must be good, right?

So there you go, there were so many more places on our post which you can still check out if you want to make a foodie road trip this summer!

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