One of three men who participated in the beating of a fellow resident of a residential facility program in Fayette County, now faces up to two years in prison.

Jose Hernandez Jr., 25, of Marion, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with intent to commit serious injury in Fayette County District Court on Monday (July 16, 2018).

Hernandez had previously been charged with willful injury causing serious injury, which carries a ten-year prison sentence. He was also on probation in Linn County for burglarizing the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

According to authorities, Hernandez and two other men went into another resident's room at the Prairie View Residential Care Facility near Fayette, and repeatedly struck him. The victim sustained mouth injuries.

One of the other suspects in the assault, Prestin Misch, 27, pleaded guilty to lesser charges in June. The other accused assailant, Tyson Leslie, 24, is waiting for a competency evaluation.

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