Despite all that we have in eastern Iowa, folks in this part of the state have realized that there are still some businesses that we're missing. Whether it be for tourism, family fun, food, etc., it's agreed all over Eastern Iowa that we all want MORE!

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These businesses are sorely needed all across Eastern Iowa

25 Businesses Eastern Iowa Needs According to You

After posting a question on Facebook, over 500 people commented on what businesses are missing in Cedar Rapids.

I find that the reason why many of these places aren't in the area is that the companies feel that there isn't the population to sustain the business for years. Of course, that's conjecture on their part since the comments on the Facebook post, alone, say different.

Another reason is politics. When it comes to bringing in business, the governing bodies of the area (county and local) have to vote upon how much to spend to get the company to bring a location to the area. Yes, local government sometimes does have to market themselves to the corporations to show that the city is worthy of having them. Sad, huh? To paraphrase Oliver, "Please sah, may we have a White Castle restaurant?"

Sometimes, even climate makes a difference in whether or not a business will add a location in your area. In-N-Out Burger doesn't seem to want to be in anything other than a temperate climate. Maybe the big bosses don't like four distinct seasons? I won't lie - I believe some of these companies have no idea Iowa is a thing... This proves the point why Eastern Iowans believe we're called "fly-over" territory. It's difficult to bring national musical acts to the area. Why? Population? Ability to pay? Lack of interest? According to whom?

*jumps off of soap-box and exits*

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