Growing up, and especially when I first started driving, I was told to pull over, remain calm, and do whatever a police officer told me to do. Remain calm, know your rights, and try to avoid a ticket -- nothing else needed to be said. My parents did an awesome job putting a good head on my and my sister's shoulders to where they trusted us to use our God-given common sense.

Clearly, not everyone can relate to that statement.

Chloe Snider of Springville, Iowa -- a small town just northeast of Cedar Rapids -- definitely can't.

On Sunday morning, deputies were sent to her residence "to serve a Felony Revocation Probation Warrant for Conspiracy to Commit a Forcible Felony," according to KWWL.

En route to the woman's house, law enforcement saw her leave the premises in her vehicle -- a blue 2011 Ford Focus -- where she sped off and headed west on Highway 151. She proceeded to lead them on a chase after the deputies did what they could to pull her over.

KWWL elaborates on how the chase proceeded to play out: "Snider turned onto Partners Avenue in Marion and then circled back on 62nd street to Highway 151 before turning west onto Highway 13. While heading north on Highway 13, Linn County Deputies said she hit speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

The pursuit continued through Central City to Coggon, where Snider turned onto East Linn Street. After driving through town, she took Coggon Road to Troy Mills."

The chase finally came to an end when Snider attempted to turn off Troy Mills onto Walker Road. She ultimately lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a fence. She came to a stop in a ditch, and Linn County Police pulled the woman out of her car and arrested her. She was the lone individual in the automobile.

The chase covered 30 miles and lasted roughly 20 minutes.

Now, in addition to the original warrant that was going to be served to Miss Snider, she is facing charges of Interference with Official Acts, Eluding, Reckless Driving, Driving While License under Suspension, and numerous other traffic violations, per the Linn County Sheriff's Office.

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