Friday, January 5th, 1973, was a BIG day in rock 'n roll history, although the impact of these two albums were not immediate.

Aerosmith's self-titled debut record and Bruce Springsteen's first studio effort, "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J." were both released on the same day -- by the SAME record company, Columbia. Both artists were signed by Columbia just months apart, in 1972.

Upon their release, neither album was an instant hit. Both failed to debut in the Billboard 200. January of 1973 was dominated by Carole King and Don McLean at the top of the Billboard 200.

Springsteen's record eventually peaked at #60 on the chart in 1975. Two singles were released from the record, but neither made an impact. However, Springsteen's song "Blinded by the Light" became a #1 hit for Manfred Mann's Earth Band in 1977. It has since sold over two million copies in the United States.

As for Aerosmith's debut -- thanks to a re-release of the single "Dream On," two years after it's original release -- the effort peaked at #21 in 1976 and has also sold over two million copies in the U.S.

Combined, Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen have released 35 studio albums and have sold more than 300 million copies of their records.


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