"Might" is the key word...and this space rock isn't going to whiz by Earth until 2029...but we know it's coming.

This asteroid has the extremely catchy name of '99942 Apophis' and when it buzzes by our planet in eight years, it will be so close that it will actually be visible to the naked eye. How close? About 19,000 miles away. FYI: The moon is nearly 239,000 miles from Earth, so yep, this asteroid will be relatively close.

Oh, by the way, the name 'Apophis' is from the Ancient Egyptians. The name is associated with; earthquakes, thunder, darkness, storms, death, chaos, disorder, storms, and darkness. So, yeah.

Currently, there is around 5,000 satellites orbiting our planet, according to geospatialworld. By 2029, there will be many more circling Earth, giving this asteroid even better odds of nailing one.

Also, the date of its passing is FRIDAY THE 13th of April, 2029.

According to NASA video:

This animation shows the path along Earth where Apophis will be visible on April 13, 2029. As the asteroid passes over the Atlantic ocean, its path briefly turns from red to grey – that is the moment of closest approach. After closest approach, the asteroid will move into the daytime sky and will no longer be visible.


Credit: NASA Video via YouTube


Here's some more info about this asteroid:

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