Unless you're living off the grid, you've got some subscriptions you're paying for every month or every year. And wouldn't you know, those puppies really add up.

A new survey from PCMag asked people how much they think they're spending every month on subscriptions, including cell phone service. The average person estimated around $80. Yikes...

Turns out we're spending about three times that. When you actually add it up, the average person is dropping $237 every month on subscriptions. MAJOR yikes.

That includes a lot of little things that add up, like:

  • Cell phone service
  • Cable and WiFi
  • Netflix and Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Cloud storage like iCloud and Dropbox
  • Music streaming
  • Subscription boxes
  • App memberships

What can you do? Experts say check and recheck what you're paying for. Do you need everything? Do you need certain storage tiers, or the more expensive version(s) of your subscription? Imagine saving almost $240 a month... Ok, you won't scarp them all, but imagine at least saving $100 a month. Not bad, right?