There's something reassuring when you see America's most unhealthy chain restaurants really leaning in on their unhealthiness. But hey, I say we should celebrate it since we are all hungry patriots here, right?!

Olive Garden has a new 'Giant Italian Classics' menu that runs from now through the end of May. Oh and yeah, it features GIANT VERSIONS of some classics. Mmm, giant Italian food...

So this new menu includes huge stuffed shells and a meatball that weighs 12 ounces.  But the real highlight is a FOOTLONG piece of chicken parm. It looks like it would take multiple meals to eat, but I have faith that you can do it in one. I believe in YOU patriot!!

If this doesn't look appealing, Footbeast also promises the OG's giant menu will provide us with a pair of Giant Stuffed Shell Pastas that will come in Four Cheese Marinara and Four Cheese Shrimp varieties. All of these massive takes on classical Italian-American pasta dishes will be dropping nationwide today (not an April Fools' joke!) They'll then be around on your favorite Olive Garden menu until May 27th.