Dragonflies can be pretty frightening at first glance. They can be rather large... they buzz loudly when they fly, and they have those GIANT and kind of creepy black eyes. However, don't be afraid, they cannot bite you - but they do eat insects that want to bite you including mosquitos and midges. Still, there's been an unusually large amount of dragonflies in Eastern Iowa lately. But fear not, it's a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

According to experts, seeing an increased number of dragonflies mean the areas they hang out have good water quality. Also, this is the time the insects are preparing to migrate southward, so they eating insects and gathering in large groups.

So as summer slips into fall and the bugs around here either head south or die off for the year, this explains why we're seeing more dragonflies in the area. They want to enjoy the water, and eat the bugs. And, don't worry, when spring rolls around again, and the mosquitos return, the dragonflies will travel back north once again.