The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge is now open in Portugal. The record breaker is 1,692 feet-long and hangs 574 feet above the River Paiva.

The bridge is called “Arouca 516” --- named after nearby city of Arouca and the ‘516’ corresponds to the length of the bridge in meters.

Before Sunday’s official opening ceremony, people from Arouca were allowed on Thursday to check it out.

The cost of a ticket is around $15 for adults and is open year-round. It takes about 10 minutes to cross the four-foot-wide walking path.

The $2.8 million bridge, which took over two years to build and is held up by steel cables and two large towers on each side. It also moves with every step you take.

Arouca 516 breaks the record for the longest pedestrian suspension bridge, held since 2017 by the Charles Kuonen Bridge in the Swiss Alps. That bridge is 1,621 feet long and is 279 feet above the ground.

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the United States is the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which stretches 680 feet across a valley in the Great Smoky Mountains and has a height of 150 feet at its midpoint. This bridge also has 30 feet of glass panels that you can walk across. The five-foot wide Skybridge opened in 2019.

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