Is that tiny lighter in your pocket just not big enough for you? Maybe you should get yourself a beastly 500,000 BTU lighter! This monster lighter/flame-thrower was made by BrainfooTV.

According to BrainfooTV’s YouTube page:

I make things large and small to educate and entertain, hopefully both at the same time. If I can inspire someone to build or think about building something cool my work is done.

He also adds a disclaimer to his over 3.8 million followers:

WARNING!!! On occasion, some of my videos may contain an element of danger that may be direct or indirect to yourself or others. I am at no time asking you to replicate anything you see me do, it is for education and entertainment only. If you copy anything you see in these videos, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Some of his other projects include a keyring mousetrap, a keyring beartrap, 3-inch bow and arrows, and much more.


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