The video below, which is only around seven seconds in length (mainly because the guy is absolutely flying on his rollerblades), shows a man speeding on his skates across a street. He is followed by a police SUV just moments later. The short video is set to the song “Ride the Lightning” by Warren Zeiders, and the lyrics “Mama always said I was born on the wild side.

It’s unclear exactly why the police were trying to stop the man. However, according to the TikToker’s caption, the incident occurred in Door County, Wisconsin, where it is prohibited to skate on city roadways.

City ordinance (12.011) and state statute (346.78) prohibit the riding of skateboards - and other "play vehicles" - on any city roadway: "No person riding upon any play vehicle may attach the same or himself or herself to any vehicle upon a roadway or go upon any roadway except while crossing a roadway at a crosswalk." Play vehicles are defined as a coaster, skateboard, roller skates, sled, toboggan, unicycle, or toy vehicle upon which a person may ride, but do not include in-line skates.

Take note of the above ordinance if you had planned to travel on your unicycle on a city street. It is prohibited.

The originator of the post, Breylee Stephenson, provided an update saying: “Update: they’re making tee shirts that say ‘let spidey blade’ to bring attention to the ordinance of in-line skating on roadways.

Stephenson added that the rollerblader-in-question, who apparently goes by the nickname, Spidey, had told someone that ‘he couldn’t hear the cop because he was listening to Miley Cyrus.”

The caption on the video, which was originally posted on TikTok, reads: “They breed different in Door County.”

As of Friday morning, the video on TikTok has well over one million views and has spawned over 10,000 comments.

The only thing that would have made this video better was if he was wearing a cape.

What’s the ordinance in Cedar Rapids for Roller Blades?

According to City Code 9.07:

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate, use or ride a bicycle, electric stand up scooter, tricycle, skateboard, rollerskates, in-line skates, sled, or other coasting devices on any public property where signs or markings prohibit such use, such as public parking lots, public parking ramps and the Tree of Five Seasons, owned by the City of Cedar Rapids.

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