We've been getting a lot of emails/calls and app messages asking when or even if we will have the 2021 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards. Wonder no more because they are here, and you can save big this summer.

These Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Cards will help save you and the family money on your next trip to 'The Dells'. The Waterpark Capitol of the World has a wide variety of great family destinations, and the Season Opener cards offer tons of discounts.

These cards offer a variety of attractions offering reduced admission and other amazing deals to use at the Dells! There are also discounts on hotel stays, dining and camping.

Wisconsin Dells


You can stop by our main office on the third floor of the Black’s Building (501 Sycamore Street; Suite 300) in downtown Waterloo. Please wear a mask. We ask that you come between the hours of 9am and 4pm. You can grab up to ten cards.

You can also pick them up most times that we are out on the streets, but only while supplies last.

The 2021 Wisconsin Dells Season Opener Card discounts are valid from May 29, 2021 through July 2, 2021. See cards for details.


After you get your cards, make sure to visit WisDells.com now and start plan your trip today!

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