Uhhh. Maybe? That’s what is great (and bad) about weather forecasting --- nothing is exact. There are many things that mankind has control over, but predicting what Mother Nature will do – isn’t 100% accurate.

In 2020 in Waterloo, the final day to reach at least 90* was September 6 when it hit 91*. After that, it never got any warmer than 86* (October 10)

As for Cedar Rapids, the final 90+* day in 2020 also occurred on September 6 when it also reached 91*. It never got any warmer than 83* after October 9th.

Since it is September – and the temps will begin to rapidly plummet – the first date below 40* (on average) is usually the first week of October for both Waterloo and Cedar Rapids.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet
Iowa Environmental Mesonet

Since 1895, it has only reached 32* or colder ONCE before/on September 10th in the city of Waterloo. It has NEVER been colder than 23* by September 26th in Waterloo.

In Cedar Rapids, it has only been below 33* ONCE – no earlier than September 14th. The earliest it has ever reached 23* or colder was October 4th for the City of Five Seasons.

The latest in the season it has reached at least 90* in Waterloo was October 13, 1975, when it reached exactly 90*.

In Cedar Rapids, the latest it ever reached at least 90* was October 10, 1962.

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