A lot of musicians are finding themselves with plenty of downtime during this coronavirus quarantine, and taking the opportunity to write new music. Whitesnake's David Coverdale has a message for Covid-19 in a new tune called "Coronavirus Blues" — "fuck off."

The singer posted a 30-second video on Facebook performing the song, which has a standard AAB blues format and contains the lyrics, "Fuck off, fuck off / We don't want you anymoreFuck off, fuck off / Don't come knocking at my door / Fuck off, fuck off / And don't ever show your fucking face no more."

Coverdale is clearly sick of the virus's shit, but the song is definitely humorous and relatable for everyone who is stuck at home, or affected by it in another way. Watch the video below.

Whitesnake had already canceled its Japanese tour earlier this year due to concerns over the disease's spread, but they also had to cancel all of their 2020 tour plans due to an upcoming procedure the frontman has to undergo.

It's been quite the rollercoaster for the entire music industry, but the sooner we comply with the quarantines and regulations, the sooner everyone can bounce back. Stay healthy, folks — and fuck off, coronavirus.

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