One of the great things about America is...we have a holiday for everything. Today's is a special day for one of our favorite foods, it's National French Fry Day (Mon. July 13). Today is set aside to honor the greatness that are french fries. The average American eats nearly 30 pounds of french fries each year. But, hey no "guilt trips" about how "they're bad for you", nope, not today. Besides, most experts say two servings or less a week won't hurt you. So, indulge today with your favorite fries and celebrate the day at your favorite restaurant or make your own at home.

USA Today compiled a list of special deals for today (available at participating locations):

    • Burger King: $1 large fries on the BK app.
    • Hardee's: Newsletter subscribers received an email with a coupon for free large fries with purchase of a "Thickburger" on Monday.
    • KFC: To celebrate National French Fry Day and the permanent addition of its new Secret Recipe Fries to the menu, KFC is offering orders of fries for 30 cents with any purchase Monday.
    • McDonald's: Get a free medium fries Monday with the McDonald's app. No purchase is necessary, with a limit of one offer per customer.
    • Taco John's: They're giving away free small orders of Potato Olés Monday. Redeem the offer in Taco John's mobile app. (editor's note: Wait..."Potato Oles" are not french fries, however, they are potatoes, deep fried in oil, so we'll call them a distant cousin at best)
    • Wendy's: $1 off a large fries with a mobile order.

What's your favorite condiment to put on fries? Ketchup is #1 far and away, everybody's favorite thing to dunk 'em in. A distant #2 is ranch (especially here in Iowa), followed by cheese sauce, that's a favorite in our household. I even dunk fries in barbeque sauce, but never mayo, yikes! Some folks even dunk them in their milkshake. I've tried this, it's not terrible. Or here's something else I like to dunk my fries sauce. Yeah buddy.

What about other toppings? There's the traditional salt, but I like adding seasoning salt or kicking it up a notch with something like Frank's RedHot seasoning blend. Lastly, you can't forget about chili cheese fries, delicious! Nowadays, with everything happening in the world, we need a reason to smile. So, whether, you enjoy your favorite restaurants fries today, or make them at home and try a new condiment or a new seasoning, enjoy, as America's favorite "side" takes center stage.

Check out National Today's French Fry survey:

Courtesy - National Today
Courtesy - National Today
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