The french fry. The most popular side dish known to man. Hot, crispy, golden brown, and shoved in your face by the handful. Served with burgers, sandwiches, wraps, steak, chicken, and fish. There is no meal that a side of fries won't make better! And while today might not be Friday, it certainly could be called a Fry-day!

Today is National French Fry Day...or is it? It turns out there is a little confusion about the date. If you Google it, you'll likely come up with two answers. Today, July 13th, and tomorrow, July 14. So which one is it? It depends on who you ask. According to National Day Calendar, the fast food restaurant Checkers presented a petition in 2022 to change the date of National French Fry Day, so that it would always fall on the second Friday of July. Get it? So it would truly be a FRY-day. National Day Calendar agreed and changed the date to July 14th. There was only one problem. Everyone else ignored the new date.

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

While Checkers restaurants have their french fry deal tomorrow, most fast food locations are celebrating today. Here are just a few spots you can get FREE french fries today.

  • McDonald's is giving away free french fries, any size, no purchase required. You do have to order through their app.
  • Burger King is giving away free fries, of any size, but you do have to buy something else and make the purchase through the app.
  • Wendy's is running the exact same deal as Burger King, but their offer is good through July 16th.
  • Hardee's has an offer through their app that offers a daily free small fry offer for the rest of 2023 if you buy fries on National French Fry Day.

There are plenty of restaurants in the Corridor that have amazing french fries. Here is a list of where to get some top-notch fries today! Enjoy!

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