Usually, Starbucks releases a brand new holiday drink menu every year and we go nuts for 'em. If you remember that earlier this month the massive coffee chain announced that they wouldn't be releasing a new drink menu and they even got rid of some popular holiday drinks. That's a total scrooge move. However, with the holidays over, Starbucks is giving a late gift to its loyal customers, free drinks.

They're called pop-up parties. Between the hours of 1 and 2 p.m. different locations throughout the nation are offering free drinks to customers who only need to show up. The idea is to celebrate holiday music and red cups, and if you show up at a specific location you'll be able to score one free tall beverage of your choice.

The catch? The locations change daily, so you may miss your chance at one of these "parties". You can however, go to and see which locations in your state are holding the promotional event.

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