Let's do a Throwback Halloween this year with the costumes that were popular when we were born! What do you think? Well, in order to do that we need to figure out what the pop culture trends were during the years we were born.

Well, we are in luck. The magazine, Cosmopolitan, has compiled a list of the "Halloween costumes everyone was wearing the year you were born." Let's be honest, there are some in here that are no brainers like Hannah Montana, Lady Gaga, Hermione, etc... but there may be some that also surprise you.

Here are some of the stand out pop culture costume trends:

1955- James Dean

1969- Elvis (Duh)

1977- Princess Leia

1981- Indiana Jones

1983- Madonna

1996- Ghostface from "Scream"

2004- Captain Jack Sparrow (This one is still pretty popular, I mean who doesn't want to be a pirate?)

2008- High School Musical

Don't see your birth year on here? Don't worry, there is a 70 page slide show in the link above that will tell you what to dress up for for Halloween!


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