A new study figured out the most popular FETISH in every state based on Google search data.

Credit - Moussa81

This brings a WHOLE NEW MEANING to "Iowa nice"...the #1 fetish in our state is GROUP SEX. Okay, wow, let that sink in for a moment. Here in Iowa, the winters get long and there isn't much to do. In our defense, orgys aren't really that "weird" are they? I mean, they've been around since the days of the Romans. I'm trying to defend my fellow Iowans because if you look at the map, there's some pretty crazy stuff on there. Admittedly, I had to "google" some of them...Cuckholding? Sounding? Balloons? Yoni Egg? What the heck?!

Some observations from the map...we have some real freaks in our surrounding states. First of all, Iowans do hate the state of Nebraska but we did find a common ground in "group sex". Maybe that can bring us together? (in more ways than one!) Minnesotan's like to "live on the edge" (if you know what I'm sayin'!), and Illinois is pretty tame with their "role playing", compared to Missouri's "used underwear"! And Indiana, "armpits"? Sickos! To our north, South Dakota's favorite fetish is "masochism'...well, they DO live in SOUTH DAKOTA! Finally, I think our neighbors in Wisconsin and Kansas need some more imagination, "sports gear"? That's all you got? LOL

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