Have you had that moment at work where you're like... I wanna leave and have sex RIGHT NOW?! Well, you're not alone. According to a new survey from The Sun in the UK, the time of day when people are the most likely to be turned on is 2:46pm. Strange, no? Must be all those sultry spreadsheets making you wanna get into the sheets. Maybe this is why HR invented the coveted 'half day' for employees who just need... some time off.

Hm, anyway the survey also the biggest non-sexual turn-ons and turn-offs.

People's top 10 turn-ons are:

Smelling good, being affectionate, making me feel appreciated, dressing nice, intelligence, confidence, generosity, listening, playing with my hair, and being tall.

And the 10 biggest turn-offs are:

Bad hygiene, being mean, being rude to a waiter, eating with your mouth open (GROSS), flirting with other people, talking about your ex, being cocky, talking too much, dressing poorly and baby talk. Eek.

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