It's 2019, and if your new year goes anything like the last few, you'll spend $1,175 on takeout food orders. Or, think of it this way, $70,000 over your lifetime. Oof. This is a huge number, but you just know some people spend five times this much...

According to a study in the Daily Mail. Here are a few more stats about our food delivery habits:

  • 82% of people said they order food at least twice a month.  Only 4% said they never order delivery.
  • 47% of us feel like we order food too much. And 52% feel guilty about it.
  • The top three reasons for ordering food are you're craving something specific . . . you're too LAZY to cook and you don't have time.
  • 18% say they're worse at cooking than they used to be because of ordering too much food.
  • The most popular thing we order is pizza, which isn't surprising.  The rest of the top five are French fries, burgers, fried rice, and egg rolls.

Anyone else hungry now?