I feel like I aged about 200 years since January, so there's got to be a better word to sum up 2018 than this (stupid) one...

Collins Dictionary picked their Word of the Year for 2018 so I guess this officially kicks off 'Word of the Year' season. And they went with:


The definition is something 'made to be used only once,' and it's come up a lot in discussions about how we're destroying the environment.

Things like Keurig cups and Styrofoam containers are single-use. But the term got the most play earlier this year when cities, states, and businesses started banning plastic straws.

Some of their runner-up choices his year were #MeToo, gaslight, whitewash, and floss. Yes, like the dance.

Collins Dictionary was also first on its Word of the Year last year, when they went with 'fake news.' Wasn't that more 2016? Ahh all the years blend together, don't they?