The Waterloo and Cedar Falls Public Libraries have turned the page in 2020. Official as of January 1st, they're getting rid of overdue fines on most materials available for checkout.

Oh, and if you owe on a past late return, they will no longer collect overdue fines that were previously accrued so you're off the hook. In the past, overdue fines accounted for roughly 1% of Waterloo Public Libraries yearly budget, which amounted to around $24,000 in revenue.

Here's a breakdown of the new policy for each library:

  • If your item is overdue by seven or more days, the library will place a hold on your account.
  • If your item is overdue by 28 or more days, library will bill your account.
  • Patrons will still be responsible for lost or damaged items.
  • The only materials that will still carry overdue fines are non-traditional items: digital slide converter or rock tumbler.
  • Checkout periods will remain the same, but once a patron has an item overdue, they may not borrow more materials until the overdue item is renewed or returned to the library.
  • Overdue fines accrued before January 1, 2020 will be waived.
  • Users will still be charged for lost and damaged items. Charges for past lost and damaged items will remain on patrons’ accounts until paid.
  • The only materials that will still carry overdue fines are a few high-demand, non-traditional items: tech items and musical instruments in our Library of Things.
  • All other materials will be fine-free.

(Via KWWL)

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