During Woman's History month it's your chance to celebrate your favorite Disney Princesses in person. Disney Princesses Concert is coming to Cedar Rapids, Friday, March 18th, at the Paramount Theatre. Whether you're looking for a nostalgic evening of reliving some of your favorite Disney songs or want a fun night with the kids, this broadway show is nothing short of spectacular. "Disney recommends this show for ages 6 and up.


This is something I can totally see my co-host Kerri Mac attending and singing her little heart out. Kerri and I have actually been having a blast giving away tickets all week to our K92.3 audience and you can be a winner, Thursday or Friday morning, at 7:35 a.m. We've been enjoying this contest idea where we google translate the words to popular Disney songs, to multiple different languages, translate them back to English, and then sing the "new" song on the air. It was the listener's job to guess which song we were trying to sing. If you studied any type of language in high school or college you'll know that the order other languages use to describe things can be very different than the order we use in English. It has made for some really fun radio and a good time talking with the winners. It's also quite possible we'll never be allowed to sing anything on the air again. Take a listen!

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If you've been one of the winners already or plan on trying to win we hope you enjoy a magical night at the Disney Princess Concert. If you can't attend this show in Cedar Rapids, there will be another concert in Davenport, Iowa, on March 26th.

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