This might be the funniest video you'll watch all year long.

Spectators at the Bronx Zoo got the extra experience when they were visiting the gorilla exhibit when one of the gorillas gave the other a mouth hug about 3 feet from the glass.

It seems innocent enough, with one gorilla chilling on top of a rock, until he locked eyes with one of the other apes. They must've done this once or twice before, because he immediately hopped off of the rock and assumed the position.

The other gorilla walks up, latches on to him, and goes to town.

For me, it's hard to decide if the gorillas themselves are funnier, or the moment the parents of the multiple families in the viewing area realized what was happening.

ViralHog via TMZ
ViralHog via TMZ

The gorillas are so close to them, the performing ape's butt is almost touching the glass. After about 30 seconds, the act is complete and the two wander off.

It would seem he was caught on video just after:

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