Music is known to move animals too. Watch a dog sing along with it's owner, or a Parrot dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson. But who knew there were Creedence loving snakes?

According to the video owner, Zach Wood, this is a Plains Hognose and they are known for odd behavior such as this. That type of snake is also known for playing dead as well:

When threatened, hognose snakes will hiss, flatten their necks and raise their heads off the ground like cobras. They sometimes feign strikes, but actual Heterodon bites are very rare. This behaviour has earned them local common names such as "puff adder", "blowing adder", "flathead", "spreadhead", "spreading adder" or "hissing adder". Note: For Heterodon, "puff adder" is a common name inconsistent with established usage. "Puff adder" is the accepted common name of Bitis arietans, an unrelated, dangerously venomous, African species of viper, which incidentally does not flatten its neck in any threat display.

If this threat display fails to deter a would-be predator, Heterodon species often roll onto their backs and play dead, going so far as to emit a foul musk and fecal matter from their cloaca and let their tongues hang out of their mouth, sometimes accompanied by small droplets of blood. If they are rolled upright while in this state, they will often roll back as if insisting they really are dead. It has been observed that the snake, while appearing to be dead, will still watch the threat that caused the death pose. The snake will 'resurrect' sooner if the threat is looking away from it than if the threat is looking at the snake. They are rather timid snakes and commonly hide from predators by burrowing down into leaves, sand etc. - Wikipedia

And before you ask, YES, there is a species of Hognose that is common to Iowa. So, make sure you're aware of your surroundings when you crank up CCR and are outside.

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