On Tuesday evening, August 31st, the fifth-ranked Wapsie Valley Warriors put on quite the display at home against the Oelwein Huskies. Not only did the Class 2A powerhouse sweep their North Iowa Cedar League foes in three straight sets, but the Warriors also had a PERFECT SET in the second frame of the match, winning 25-0.

Junior Hannah Knight was the serving 'ace' behind this rare feat.

Think of all the variables that had to go correct for that to happen:

1.) Hannah Knight could have stepped over the service line when making contact with the ball
2.) The ball could have not successfully made it over the net on the serve
3.) One of the Wapsie players could have lifted/carried the ball on the volley
4.) A player could have touched the net while the ball was in play
5.) Contacting the ball when reaching over the net
6.) Crossing over the centerline with any part of your body is a violation
7.) A back-row player could have blocked the ball, which is a no-no
8.) A back-row player made an attack on the ball
9.) Wapsie had four hits
10.) A block could have knocked the ball out of bounds

…and that’s just SOME of the errors that could have occurred during the 25 consecutive points gained in the second set by the Warriors.

I've literally seen hundreds if not thousands of volleyball sets as a public address announcer over the years, and have never been witness to a 25-0 score. Congrats to the Warriors on this feat.

You can watch Tuesday night's "Shutout Set" below. (Start around the 40:00 mark if it doesn't already begin at that point.)


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