If you're a single guy looking for more dates, you might want to pay attention to how fast you talk. A new study in France found that guys who talk faster tend to do better with the ladies.

Researchers had men and women play a dating game, where they tried to seduce a potential love interest. The guys who talked fast did better than guys who spoke slowly. They were also asked about their sexual history. It turned out the fast-talkers got lucky more often as well.

They'd slept with an average of four people a year, compared to less than two for guys who talked at a slower pace.

The slow-talkers averaged 4.9 syllables per second, while the fast-talkers averaged 6.5 syllables, which is about 25% faster.

It's not clear why the women preferred guys who talked fast.  However, the researchers think it might just be a sign of confidence. Or that confident men tend to talk faster. The study also looked at how men responded to the way women talked. And apparently speed didn't make a huge difference. But women with breathy voices like Marilyn Monroe were the most experienced in the bedroom.