Career Builder posted a fresh list of the dumbest resume mistakes companies have seen. While most aren't really mistakes they're just examples of people being stupid.

Here are the best ones:

1. Someone submitted a resume where every sentence was in a different font.

2. Someone claimed they'd had 40 different jobs in a single year.

3. A 22-year-old claimed they already had three different college degrees.

4. Someone tried to attach their resume to an email, but attached a full credit check application for an apartment by mistake.

5. Someone noted that they'd had, quote, 'as many marriages as jobs.' (Seems like a winner)

6. Someone decided to include their extensive arrest record on their resume.

7. A company got a resume where the entire thing was just one sentence.

8. Someone noted at the bottom of their resume that they don't like babies or puppies.

The survey also found that typos and bad grammar are by far the top things that can get your resume thrown in the garbage right away. An unprofessional email address was a distant second. Still please don't send a resume from