You could say it's a battle of "David vs. Goliath", well sort of.

A Youtube video posted by "LaugtherBaap" shows a huge Silverback Gorilla and its baby observing a tiny caterpillar and it has left social media mesmerized.

As Americans we LOVE stuff like this. The "papa" gorilla is so gentle, yet so fierce. The video starts out with the caterpillar looking up a couple of times...if you could read its mind, I'm sure it's thinking, "Oh crap, I'm dead!" The best part is when the gorilla son decides to kneel down and take a closer look at what Dad is looking at. Then Dad sniffs it a little bit, gives up and looks like he's pondering life and decides "live and let live", then flicks it with his finger into the grass. Maybe this video is an example for the world, of how we should all just "get along", or maybe the gorilla was stuck in a zoo bored out of his mind and decided the little guy just wasn't worth it. I guess, we'll never know. (Scroll down for video)

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