A woman wearing a blond wig, red dress, and a leopard print shawl jumped into the lion enclosure at the Bronx Zoo to tell the big cat that she loves him.

“I missed him so much!” the woman can be heard saying. She's been identified as crazed animal lover Myah Autry, according to The New York Post.


"King, I love you!" she says as she tosses $100 bills at him.

After throwing the money, she puts down her bouquet of roses to smack her butt in the direction of the cat.

New York Post
New York Post

Cops said they're looking into the video from her latest big cat related stunt. Two years ago, she also had hopped the fence and taunted the same lion.

The zoo isn't happy about the incident and is concerned about what could have happened when she climbed into the enclosure. They told The New York Post that they're working with police on the case.

“This situation involves one individual who is determined to harass our lions with no regard for her safety, or the safety of our staff and our guests, and no regard for the well-being of the lions,” the zoo said in a statement. “We have an NYPD substation in the park and are working closely with them.”

The big-cat lover jumped a barrier at the lion exhibit Thursday but was still on the other side of a 15-foot moat that separates the lions from the people.

“The woman did not enter the exhibit and was never in the same space as the lions which are separated from zoo visitors by a wide moat,” a zoo rep said in a statement to  WNBC.

I think we all know that if that lion wanted to, it could get out.

“The incident lasted only a couple of minutes, and the woman was gone when staff arrived on scene. The zoo intends to prosecute the woman for criminal trespass if she is identified,” the statement added.

Autry has claimed she is a “reincarnated lion," which would explain why she's comfortable being with the reach of the King of the Jungle.

“I fear nobody. No animal, no human, no one. So no, I wasn’t fearing of the lion because the lion loved me,” she said after the 2019 incident, according to the station. “That’s why he came to me and I let the lion know: Lion, I love you.”

In September, the Bronx Zoo made international headlines after video was posted showing two gorillas performing oral sex. 

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