If this doesn't give you goosebumps and a potential tear, then you're a rock. In this video, this dude's wife announced to him, in a very unique way, that her kidney is a match.

Steve Winfree is his name and he's been fighting kidney disease since he was 14. As you can tell, this dude has a great personality and it doesn't look like his ailment has deterred him from life too much. But, with any disease, it does take a person away from some of the things they love, like baseball.

Steve's wife Heather decided to get checked and found out she was a match. Instead of just telling him that over the phone, she took some extra time and effort to surprise him by getting his very own baseball card made to announce the good news.

Watch and then share. We all need some uplifting news every day to keep us from succumbing to the numbness of life and the world around us. Be the source of that happy.

(Source: inspiremore.com)


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