Some residents in a Waterloo neighborhood were evacuated early Thursday after a tanker truck hauling diesel fuel slammed into a home.

A resident sleeping inside the home at the time of the crash escaped injury, Waterloo police said. The semi driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and the driver of another vehicle suffered minor injuries.

According to Waterloo police spokesman Joe Leibold, a man crashed his semi cab near Sergeant Road (U.S. Highway 63) and Greyhound Drive. Leibold said officers were dispatched to the area around 6:15 AM.

The tanker truck slammed into a two-story house in the 1400 block of E. Ridgeway Ave., then overturned. Firefighters evacuated part of the neighborhood and a hazmat team was called to help with the fuel spill. Leibold said the fuel was everywhere.

Authorities did not immediately identify the juvenile driver. No charges had been filed in the crash Thursday afternoon, but Leibold said there could be later.

According to Leibold, the tanker truck hit another vehicle before it slammed into the house. Major Leibold said the vehicle's driver suffered minor injuries.

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Fuel Truck Slams Into Waterloo Home

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