Two people were injured in separate stabbings in Waterloo on Monday (April 17, 2017). The incidents occurred about six hours apart on opposite sides of the city.

Officers responded to the first stabbing shortly after 8 a.m. at 420 Blowers Ave. Waterloo Police Lieutenant Greg Fangman said a man suffered a minor torso wound, but authorities don't know what happened because the victim has not been cooperating with investigators.

The second stabbing happened around 2:15 p.m. in the area of W. Mullan and Belmont Avenues. Fangman said the victim showed up a local hospital seeking treatment, either while officers were responding to the scene or shortly after they arrived.

Police reports identified the victim as Maliek Todd-Harris, 21, of Waterloo. He suffered serious injuries, also to the turso, that required surgery, Fangman said.

Authorities believe the second stabbing occurred at 1227 W. Mullan Ave. Reports indicate that a fight was in progress when officers were called the scene.

Both stabbings remain under investigation.

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