Beautiful and crazy at the same time (though much less dangerous than recent black bear sightings in the Hawkeye state) is how you might describe the scene earlier this week at a busy Central Iowa intersection.

Those navigating through traffic along Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and Prospect Road had some interesting company Tuesday, as KCCI reports a pair of horses were seen casually roaming after somehow breaking free.

KCCI via YouTube
KCCI via YouTube

The report from KCCI doesn't explain why or how the horses got out, or from exactly where. A Des Moines ordinance states that horses are not generally allowed within city limits, but there are exceptions. According to Ordinance 14866:

  • "No horse, cow, calf, swine, sheep, goat, llama, camel, ostrich, peacock, chicken, goose, duck, or other agricultural animal or any non-domestic animal shall be kept within the city's corporate limits on any lot or parcel of land unless such parcel of land shall be an acreage.
  • Any animal kept on an acreage shall be kept for personal use only and not for commercial use
  • The area where any such animal is kept on the acreage shall be 75 feet from any neighboring residential dwelling and not located in a front yard area."

It also goes on to say that in those locations where they are allowed, the "limit" is no more than two per property. So they likely were not training to be the next Mo Donegal and were hopefully following all the rules. There you go!

One bystander, Riley Bacon, spoke for likely everyone else around the scene in the Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines.

To be honest, I did not know that horses lived in Beaverdale or anywhere near Beaverdale, so it was definitely a surprise to me. It was more like ‘Am I seeing what I'm seeing right here? Are there really horses on MLK?

Yep, there were, and you can see the full video of KCCI's story below.


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