Portions of a century-old bridge that floodwaters washed away in Bremer County over the weekend have been found downstream by a pilot with the Iowa State Patrol.

The Green Mill Bridge, located near Janesville, was moved a considerable distance by ice and high water on the Cedar River.

Officials had been searching for the main sections since Saturday evening, when the raging river took the bridge away. They were looking along the shores, as well as trying to locate the sections with a drone.

On Monday, a pilot with the Iowa State Patrol discovered a large portion of the wooden structure. Sections of the bridge were seen in multiple locations, caught by trees in remote areas of the Cedar River. Officials expect to find additional portions of the bridge, after the flood waters recede.

Photo courtesy Kip Ladage, Bremer Co. Emergency Management
Photo courtesy Kip Ladage, Bremer Co. Emergency Management

Kip Ladage, Bremer County's Emergency Management Coordinator, noted that the power and danger of flood water was illustrated with how far the bridge was moved.

The Green Mill Bridge was originally located in Waverly. When a new bridge was built in 1902, two of the older bridge spans were relocated over the Cedar River, northeast of Janesville. It was officially closed to traffic in 1986.

There was no word on if the bridge will be replaced.

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