Construction work to improve traffic safety on a portion of West Ridgeway Avenue in Waterloo is currently underway.

The outside eastbound lane of Ridgeway Ave. is closed for construction of a right turn lane and other improvements at Greyhound Drive. The intersection is expected to be closed for about two months, weather permitting.

The project is expected to cause traffic delays on Ridgeway Avenue where the road passes through the Katoski Greenbelt between Cedar Heights Drive and U.S. Highway 63/Sergeant Road. Waterloo city officials are encouraging motorists to be extra cautious until the road work is complete.

During the construction period, motorists can use Cyclone Drive and Athens Drive as a detour route. Cyclone Drive connects to Ridgeway Ave. west of the work area.

Another road construction project is scheduled to begin Monday at 7AM in downtown Waterloo. If the weather allows, the Jefferson Street railroad crossing between West 6th and West 7th Streets will be closed for repair.

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