A session that began as a good time at TopGolf with friends and family turned to a dangerous situation for a San Antonio teenager.

Tomas Gomez, an 18-year-old, and his friends were hanging out at TopGolf earlier this year, on May 28th. The last 30 minutes of their time took a bad turn when a bad storm rolled in and it began to rain.

“I decided to hit one last shot then leave,” Gomez told KSAT.

He asked his friend, Arlette Ibarra, to record the shot in the storm on her phone because of the heaviness of the rain.

Gomez took his swing, getting a pretty solid hit out of the ball. According to TopGolf, his ball was flying at 88 miles per hour, which is obviously a hat-tip to Back to the Future, before it was immediately struck by lightning halfway down field.

TopGolf shared the video to their Instagram this week:

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The bolt immediately rang out with a loud bang.

“I heard the thunder and my instinct was to run... It was all a blur,” Gomez told KSAT. “It could have hit me... it could have hit any of us. It was actually pretty scary after I was thinking about it for a while.”

Nobody was injured, except for the ball. Commenters asked what happened to the ball, and TopGolf responded "went back in time man."

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