Today is National Burrito Day!!! So it's the perfect time for this list of The Top Burrito Fun Facts.

  • They originated in Mexico. But came to the U.S. to escape drug violence.
  • Frozen burritos are a great option for anyone who wants a quick meal... and was born without taste buds.
  • In addition to their role as a food source, they can also be effectively used for self-defense.
  • They're not necessarily the best menu option when you're stuck in a house indefinitely with 4 or more people.
  • The largest burrito ever made weighed over two tons.  "And man, I enjoyed every bite of it!" said Chris Christie.
  • The one they sell at Taco Bell for 79 cents makes a perfect doorstop.
  • If you're eating one at 4:00 A.M. in Taco Bell, you're, like, waaay baked.
  • Sushi burritos are a trend. Kale burritos are not.
  • A woman in England once ate a burrito in 44 seconds.  And then sprinted to the toilet in six.
  • Plumbers call them, "The Challenge."
  • The precise origin of the modern burrito is unknown, just like the precise origin of the meat that's inside them.
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