Looking for a little adventure in your life and don't want to go far?  Well guess what! We do too and have the top 3 Iowa Joy Rides courtesy of Travel Iowa.

We, obviously, don't find ourselves swimming in cash due to our choice of education and careers, so everyone here at KCRR was surprised and happy to find out we can have some fun on a small budget AND we can do these things now as summer comes to a close.

  1. Ride your motorcycle through the Historic Hills Scenic Byway - No, it's not going to be a race. Instead you'll enjoy a relaxing ride along the Des Moines River with a ton of historical sites along the way. You can ride by car too.
  2. Ride the Lady of the Lake - Just a few minutes off of I-35 in Clear Lake, this 90 minute authentic paddleboat ride on Clear Lake's waters will relax you and make you thirsty. Well, the thirsty part is so we can mention they have a full bar on the boat. :)
  3. Mountain Bike at Whiterock Conservancy - Over by Coon Rapids, this professionally maintained 16 mile single track trail and 12 miles of shared trails is just sitting there waiting for someone to ride it.  Boasting several skill levels of trail, you'll feel amazing with a workout and taking in the scenery. They also rent Gators to ride some of the off-road trails.

(Source: Travel Iowa)