By the way stand up comedy is marketed, you would think that all of the great comedians are either from the east or west coast. Well guess what? We have some pretty hilarious comedians right here in Iowa and here's the top 5, according to

Comedy has lost it's legs in the Cedar Valley and it's too bad. Stand up Comedy is one of the last known areas of TRUE free speach AND it's not something everyone can do. We need to get that back. So, let's highlight some of the best comedians in Iowa.

Scott Long: This dude is awesome. He's smart, he's clean and he's absolutely HILARIOUS! I consider Scott a friend of mine. We go back quite a ways and have kept in touch throughout the years. He's been featured on our very own 'The Bob & Tom Show', plus he wrote for Fox's NFL pregame, plus so many more TV appearances. This is not a surprise that he's #1.


Josh Alton: Again, Josh is a friend of mine. In fact, I'm featured in one of his documentaries, 'Road Dogs' from a while back. You'll have to search for it. I remember Josh as a bit of a crude cat, but his routine has been polished and cleaned up.


Tim Sullivan: I've only met Tim once. He's a riot on and off stage and his bits are tight and will make you chortle with delight. He's opened up for Dave Chappelle, Bob Saget, Jim Bruer and more.


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