Guys I want to help you all out on what to get a woman for Valentine's Day (especially so you stay out of the dog house today). Did you procrastinate on getting your special someone their Valentine's gift and now are left with empty racks at stores and cheesy cards. Well, don't fall for buying those for their gift!

I know you are running out of time but it is better to get a thoughtful gift than something that is just convenient, so here are the Top 10 cheesy gifts that women really don't want for Valentine's Day.

1. Blanket with hearts on it.

2. A tattoo of their name. Just don't do it, you will both regret it.

3.  A giant teddy bear.  Because it's useless, and where do you put it?

4.  An over-sized card with a cheesy quote.  It's is going to get thrown away anyways!

5.  A huge heart-shaped balloon.  Once again, it is going to deflate and get thrown away.

6.  An album of nothing but love songs. Don't take the time, they may not even like the songs.

7.  A heart-shaped locket. Cliche!

8.  An expensive bouquet of roses.  They will die and be thrown out, don't know how many times I have to say that.

9.  A giant cookie with "I Love You" written on it. Honestly, I would actually be good with this!

10.  A heart-shaped box of chocolates. Who doesn't like chocolate though?

Basically, just don't get things that are over-sized or will get thrown in the trash the next day.

Good luck and happy gift hunting!

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